Who we are


Leon Bowes

Leon owns his own building company and became interested in sustainability after an impassioned discussion with a Brisbane engineer who was involved in carbon neutral building practices. His passion for green building practices grew as he began researching sustainable housing, and he realised that he wanted to attempt to build a carbon neutral house for his family. His family had already adopted an organic lifestyle within the home, however they wanted to further reduce their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. And so Project Zero was born! Throughout Leon’s journey to create a sustainable house, there have been plenty of hurdles and roadblocks. Building a sustainable house is not easy. Information is hard to come by and finding tradespeople with experience is difficult. Leon hopes by creating this website and using social media to tell his family’s story, other people who have thought about building a sustainable house, may be inspired to start their own journey.

Construction Company /

Apollo Property Group

An established construction company within South East Queensland, Apollo Property Group has a reputation for delivering quality construction projects within both the residential and commercial sectors.

The Project Zero team consisting of Leon Bowes, Barry Eddington, Gavin Roxby and Aaron Moreton blends youthful exuberance with industry experience to ensure that innovative building practices are implemented without compromising quality. The team will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of building this iconic Brisbane residence.
They look forward to the challenges that lie ahead…

Environmental Engineer/

Rob Lord

Rob’s personal mission is to help each project he is involved in realise its sustainability potential. In 2005 Rob played a key role in the development of a Gold Coast City Council Town Planning incentive policy to strengthen design content, CPTED and social sustainability as well as performance in metrics for water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the innovations borne from the policy development are now commonplace, such as recycling centres in chute systems, trickle ventilation and regenerative power systems in lifts. Rob has continued his involvement with GCCC Town Planning, regularly presenting at urban design seminars on sustainability and town planning submissions from around the world and Green Star for residential projects.

Rob cites working with famed US sustainability architect Bill McDonough in a Maui urban development project as a highlight of his work to date in this field.


Brian Donovan

Brian’s commitment to investigating architectural ideas through building has been demonstrated through 30 years of practice, beginning with built projects with his university teacher Peter O’Gorman (Andresen and O’Gorman) in the late 80s, followed by work in the studio of Atsushi Kitagawara + ILCD in Tokyo. In 1992, Brian established Donovan Hill with Timothy Hill, specifically to offer design-focused architectural services. In October 2012, Donovan Hill joined with BVN to form BVN Donovan Hill, in what has been described as a PARC project, (Performing Amalgamation for Real Change), where the ambition is to tailor a 21C practice that continues to explore new ways for architects to participate proactively in the making of contemporary buildings.

Brian is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Architecture and has a Masters in Architecture from RMIT where research distilled the essential role communal spaces play in all building types. Brian is experienced across many scales and building typologies, including master planning, institutional, public, commercial and residential. This scope has allowed Brian to test the inherent capacity of construction systems to characterize building identity and influence user experiences.

Landscape Designer/

Steve Clegg

Steven’s creations reflect a clear vision of what constitutes the classic garden design and incorporates a distinctive approach that complements the client’s modern day requirements. His designs create gardens with heart and soul and offer an environment attuned to the Queensland climate and patterns of living.

It is Steven’s special achievement that his design solutions both maximise the space for outdoor living and produce gardens that are a pleasurable place to spend time. With a keen eye for style and great knowledge of design detail and planting, he presents a wealth of inspirational ideas for courtyards, container gardens on decks and verandas, inner city spaces or complete large garden landscapes.